REVIEW: Charcoal Craze |Carbon Coco X Mary Kay

Charcoal is becoming more popular in the beauty industry. It has the reputation of being a natural detoxifier. I often see it incorporated with more beauty products around the market.

I actually got really curious about the charcoal craze. Is it really effective?

Carbon Coco Toothpaste


Carbon Coco is a brand that came all the way from Australia. They promote natural teeth whitening and good oral health. I actually got excited for this product since I have coffee-stained teeth.


Contents: Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish | Toothbrush | Activated Charcoal Toothpaste | Satin Pouch

They sent me the Ultimate Carbon KitΒ (AUD59.99 = Php2361.92) for me to try. The charcoal powder is kind of messy to use so I prefer using it in the shower. I think that the spearmint toothpaste is effective in whitening my teeth on its own. I also love that it has a fresh minty taste. My mouth feels refreshed every time I brush my teeth with it. The toothbrush that came with the kit is also nice to use because of the soft bristles.

Final Verdict

Carbon.jpgMary Kay Charcoal mask

After the aztec clay mask craze, I started to look for more face masks to try. I don’t really think that the aztec mask is for me since I find it too harsh for my skin type.

I came across the Mary Kay charcoal clay mask and I instantly fell in love with it. I find it less messy and more convenient than the former. I also love how it has a minty effect. I just put a coin size blob onto my facial brush and that is enough to cover my whole face. I wash it off after 15 minutes and you’ll already see the difference. After using it several times, I also noticed that the tiny bumps on my nose were gone– my nose feels much smoother.

Price: Php899

Net Weight: 114gramsΒ 

Mary Kay 4.JPEG

Mary Kay 3.JPG

Final Verdict


I think that charcoal really made an impact in the beauty industry and it is there to stay. It is perfect for those who seek natural beauty treatments.


Carbon Coco

Instagram: @carboncocoau


Mary Kay

Instagram: @marykayphl


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