To All Lost Soles

The past few months have been about self-discovery. Everything was just happening too fast, too fast that I almost couldn’t keep up.

I managed to tick off a couple of life goals, been living out of a suitcase, (tried) to eat better, drank lemon water and green tea again, booked random flights and one-way tickets (got stranded in Siquijor hehe lol that was a #janadventure), trying to workout consistently, and established connections with individuals and like-minded souls.

The world is bigger than us and it is up to ourselves to figure out how we want to live it. Our understanding and the way we cope up with change is something that is not done overnight. Everyday and everything that we do is part of a process. Tell people you miss them, get involved, remove your flip flops and feel the sand beneath your soles (this is called earthing btw, it’s to re-establish your connection with the Earth), take the jump– trust the fall, at the end of the day, we’re just merely tiny specks of a huge galaxy.

We’re all souls in a finite body, living in a borrowed life. The more you realize that this journey is less about you, the more self-aware you become. It is a privilege to be able to do things that inspire you to keep going and I’m beyond grateful that fate permits, majority of the time.

To all the souls that have flown my way and I’ve lost sight of– until the ends of our ocean meet again. May everything that happened the past months serve as a reminder that only change is inevitable. Live in the moment because feelings, moments, and life in general may change in a glimpse.



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