How Volunteering Changed Me

I can say that my desire and urge to travel led me to volunteer. As I have probably mentioned before, I don’t just want to be a tourist in a foreign place, I want to be a traveller who gets to immerse herself in the culture of the local people.

My love for traveling also paved my path towards my love for our environment. Of course, I want to see the raw and majestic beauty of our Mother Nature.

Sadly, the situation of our Earth right now is not really at its best. You have probably seen it for yourself, or at least on social media (well, I hope you did), that our planet is suffering from negative impacts from our daily activities. These things are mainly our fault as human beings.

With those being said, it inspired me to act. It really does not take a lot to make a difference. Aside from being able to travel, you also get to meet passionate souls along the way. (An additional perk is that I sometimes get to travel for free just by volunteering.) It’s fulfilling to be out in the world rather than just locked up in our screens. Here are some things that volunteering has taught me:

4. 7 Billion People in the World

When you don’t expand your community, you get this one idea of what life around you is supposed to be. Volunteering enabled me to meet people from all around the globe, their stories, culture, and dialect made me realize that there is indeed still a big world out there. My story is just one speck that makes up this entire planet.

3. Big, Big World

In line with number 4, this world is as big as it gets. So much beautiful places, people, and culture that is yet to be discovered.

2. The Real Deal

When you’re stuck in your own screen or your own city, you only get a glimpse of what the rest of the world looks like. You might not think that some situations are real. Volunteering opened my eyes to see the bigger picture, it made me see the impacts of global warming, plastic pollution, poverty, and hunger. That is when I thought to myself that some changes in this world really need to happen.

1. Selflessness

One of the most important lessons for me would be selflessness. I fortunately grew up in a family wherein our needs, and most often our wants, are attained. I thought that the rest of the world had it easy, when in reality, I’m just part of the small population that is capable of doing so. Getting immersed with other people and kids my age, I became more grateful and appreciative of my own being.

Volunteering whether for the environment or with humanitarian NGOs opened my eyes to see the bigger picture; this world is bigger than us. It’s not just self fulfilling but it creates a positive impact on other people’s lives as well.


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