Self Advices for the 2018 Me

If you guys did not know, I just turned 19 this January. It is another year and another chance for me to chase the sun and attempt to reach for my goals. In line with that, here are some self advices for the 2018 me. I came up with these advices based on my past learnings and experiences. Everyday is indeed a chance to be better.

5. Keep Your Focus; Eyes on the Prize

I tend to lose my focus whenever I’m in the road to chase my goal. Always put your mind and eyes in front of you. In that way, it’ll help you not to fall easily and it will always make you remember why you started.

4. Just Because You Fall, Doesn’t Mean it’s the End

Sometimes, I tend to get frustrated whenever things don’t turn out the way I planned. I realized that falling and failing does not mean it’s the end of your dreams. Always remember that you can get back up and continue the race.

3. Your Passion Can Lead You Places

When I first started my blog, I did not know where it will lead me. I had no expectations from it, I just simply wanted an online scrapbook. A year after, it opened a lot of doors for me. I guess everything else falls through when you do what you love.

2. Some Moments You have to rely on faith

Being the control freak that I am, I sometimes get disappointed when scenarios do not turn out how I played it in my head. Overtime, I realized that some moments I have to naturally just be. There is indeed a reason for why things are.

1. Always Change for the Better

Change is that one thing that is inevitable. It is something we cannot change. (How ironic) One thing we can be in-charge of is what kind of change we want. We can opt for a negative or a positive kind of change; please choose the latter.

This year is another chance to chase the sun; I hope you enjoy the ride!




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