When Life Gives You Lemons

As cliché as the title might be, this post may be a bit too personal. Well, I guess that’s how this blog baby of mine started anyway.

As I sat through EDSA traffic, I couldn’t help but think of different situations. What if I was born in a different country? What if I had a different set of people in my life? I’ve been dreading the everyday traffic I experience for quite some time now. As I observe my surroundings while I’m inside my vehicle, I see people who probably worked harder than me. I realized that these people do the same routine almost everyday; stand in line to wait for a jeepney, covered in air-pollution and dust; all the trouble just to get to work.

I ask myself if I even have the right to complain. I have a comfortable car, I get proper meals, and a decent space to come home to. Some of these people struggle everyday just so they will be able to put food on their respective tables. Meanwhile, I complain because I’ve missed out so much on Netflix, and I’ve been craving to eat potato chips.

Aside from realizing how horrible Manila is as a city (not generalizing the whole Philippines, but dear I pray for efficiency), I also realized that some of my problems are just tiny specks — like a particle of dust in the Empire State Building. To everyone who struggles everyday just to keep up with life, I salute you! 🙂


One thought on “When Life Gives You Lemons

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