Why Travel Solo (At Least Once)

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had the heart for traveling. My first time to ride a plane alone was for a flight to Palawan. My dad had a business trip in Puerto Princesa, and everything was arranged for him. Being the typical Jana, I pleaded to tag along. I searched for a flight the same day as his and got my ticket using the money I earned from my mini Instagram business. Since he was in the seminar most of the time, he allowed me to explore the city on my own; I was only 16 and all of this was a big of a deal for me. I went to the places I haven’t been to from my previous visits to Puerto Princesa. I rode a bunch of ziplines, explored caves, and even figured out how to commute from the hotel to all of those places mentioned. (lol) Oh, and the rest is history.


Throwback IG post from that trip, I asked the kuya tour-guide to take this photo.

I know the idea of traveling alone can be scary, but it really is satisfying. Here are my 4 reasons why I like to travel solo.

4. You Gain a Sense of Independence

Being alone means you can only rely on yourself for things you need. You will be amazed by how much knowledge you have in figuring out solutions, and you’ll realize that getting out of your comfort zone is important for self growth.



3. Freedom

Being alone means no one is there to dictate to you what you have to do. You can arrange your own itinerary and go to all the places you want to visit without anyone holding you back. You can wake up at your own pleasure, eat wherever, or tour whenever. Free as a bird!



2. You Learn

Every city has its own story. You get to focus on learning about the people’s cultural differences, the city’s historical background, and what the place makes it the place it is today. You’ll get a better understanding of what culture really means, how it’s a form of art; and I think that’s beautiful.



1. You Meet Yourself

I believe in the millennial term “soul searching”, even though adults find it funny (my dad). I think traveling alone lets you meet a different version of yourself. In today’s world wherein everything is complexed and fast paced, it’s easy to lose yourself. Sometimes being with the wrong people can influence you to be someone you’re not. Being alone lets you meet yourself; who you truly are. You get to learn how you really think and how well you can deal with situations without the influence of others.



“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”



2 thoughts on “Why Travel Solo (At Least Once)

  1. Angelica says:

    Wow you’re so brave Jana! I didn’t think of traveling alone even once but this post inspired me to do it just once in a while. Maybe when I get the courage, I’ll travel alone and I hope I won’t get lost haha.


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