Fun Indoor Fitness with CycleHouse MNL

I have always been into cycling, that’s why when Ms. Danah of Plump Magazine invited me to join them to try out a new cycling studio, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. CycleHouse Manila recently opened its doors in Ortigas for a revolutionary workout experience. In less than 60 minutes or so you can burn up to 800 calories while cycling to the beat of the newest Billboard hits; it sure will get your heart pumping!

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Pre-workout photo

It was my first time to try indoor cycling and it definitely is a different experience from riding your bike outdoors. They provided the shoes and face towels. The coaches then taught us how to adjust our seats depending on our height. After that, it started getting sweaty. The rhythm of the songs and the darkened room gave my adrenaline a boost; it’s much more fun than my typical workout routine that I found myself smiling in the middle of the session.


I personally dislike unhygienic gym equipment, who likes them anyway? I love how clean the facilities are in CycleHouse, you can see from their equipment that the place is well maintained and sanitized. Their locker room also holds a shower area just in case you want to freshen up after your class.



Cycling is good for everyone and it improves ones overall physical fitness, posture, and balance. It doesn’t just work your legs, but also tones your arms and upper body. The good thing is, you can just ride at your own phase.


So if you’re bored with your old workout routine and want to try a fun and cool way to release those endorphins, try CycleHouse MNL!

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CycleHouse MNL

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