Explore: Isla Reta, Talicud Island

There are times wherein you just want to breath out and completely ditch the crowded beaches. That’s not so hard to do in the Philippines, we do have 7,107 islands to choose from after all. *wink wink*


Talicud Island is just an hour away from the urban city of Davao. It’s the less commercialized part of IGACOS (Island Garden City of Samal) and is often visited by those who seek tranquility. I fell in love the minute I got a glimpse of the island’s turquoise waters and powdery white sand; features that can be compared to the famous beach of Boracay.


What to do:

You know the drill, snorkelling it is! I was so happy about the fact that I didn’t have to go far from the shore to experience and witness the island’s marine life; the pristine waters are packed with abundant species of fish. There are no jetskis or banana boats to be found, so if you’re looking for adrenaline, you just have to save it for later. Meanwhile… drop your phone and power bank; enjoy the view!

IMG_2632 (1).jpg

Can you notice what I love about this boat?


Happiest when…


Swimmies – @sunlocksungear

IMG_2634 (1).jpg

How to get there (From Davao City):

  • Head over to Sta. Ana wharf (you may ask the locals where it is located)
  • There are usually boats that go directly to Isla Reta and it starts to depart around 9am (better if you come early) *Fare WAS Php60 per person*
  • Entrance fee is Php100 for a full day of paradise (super duper worth it!)


IMG_2634 (1).jpg

Aside from the more famous tourist attractions in Samal and Davao City, be sure to add this island into your itinerary. You wouldn’t regret it!


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