Nostalgia – Escolta Manila

Manila. The word itself makes me think of my parent’s stories about how it was way back; when the skies were clearer and the iconic Pasig River is not yet polluted.

Manila has so many hidden messages from the past. In today’s world, a lot (guilty of this) of us lost the essence of how rich our Philippine culture is.


Was ecstatic to see this!

Last June 8, 2016, the PIA-NCR (Philippine Information Agency-National Capital Region) together with the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission organized a river and walk tour. They named the event Balik Tanaw 2016, which means looking back. They invited some bloggers, media people, students, and teachers to participate in the tour.


Hello, you!

The tour started at the Guadalupe Ferry station. I actually had high expectations with how the cruise will go and I got a bit disappointed when I saw a floating dead rat together with lots and lots of garbage in the water. (huhuhu) That just goes to show how irresponsible some are with their waste materials.


Wow naman, so aesthetic

The ferries provided for the tour were clean and comfortable. The participants were serenaded with haranas and spoken word poetry. You can actually use the ferries as a usual mode of transportation if you want to ditch the infamous EDSA traffic.


Called lambingan because lovers go here to make lambing. (so conyo but yes)


The post office is an example of a Neoclassical architecture


The tour ended at the Escolta Ferry Station followed by the walking tour. It was actually my first time in this side of the metro and I felt like I was living in a different era. Most of the buildings were still from the 20’s, and the structures were eye catching.


Escolta used to be the classiest shopping place in Manila, a fact that a lot don’t know or may have forgotten. I learned a lot from the tour, and it made me love our culture more. So sad that we weren’t able to preserve it though.


The Calvo Building is now home to a lot of archives from the old times. History buffs would sure have a great time here.


Sunnies – XOXO | Jeans – Next Jeans

Of course, a blog post wouldn’t be complete without an OOTD. I went for a simple BF jeans plus comfy top combo and I made the right choice.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Over all, the event was a success. It’s good that some are making an effort to inform citizens, like me, about how a part of Manila was back then. I hope that they continue to rehabilitate what was lost or mistreated (The Pasig River), and maintain the love for what they do.


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