Summer of ’16 – Faves


These customised pillows from are great travel companions + they match my outfit hehe

Summer 2016 is sadly reaching its summit. (*ugly cries*) It won’t be long till we hear the rain drop on our roofs as I struggle to find an umbrella that matches my outfit. (oops) So without anymore blah blahs, here are my SUMMERย ofย 16 fave pieces.



Coordinate/s is basically a pair of top and bottom that matches with each other. They’re a perfect go to outfit when you’re too lazy to pick out individual pieces.

White sneakers

Well, you’ve probably seen a whole lot of people wearing this while scrolling down your Instagram feed. I can’t put them to blame since I joined the bandwagon as well; hands down, this pair matches everything.



Don’t leave me, Mr. Sun

They add spice to your outfit just like the one that I’m wearing which I stole from my dad’s closet. (oops)


I guess sunnies have been around for so long that I don’t have anything else to say so I’ll just leave it there. Loving this colour-shift pair from my true love, Claire’s PH.



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